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Coeo Yoga

Yoga is a discipline that combines exercise with the search for serenity and personal fulfilment. With its practice you strengthen your body, flexibility and balance.

The classes are designed for both beginners and regular yoga practitioners.

By joining the yoga community, you can participate in this activity 4 times a month.

If you are up for more yoga lessons, you can choose to pay for them separately for (Beach class 5€ / Studio class 10€)

You can book your classes via Meetup by clicking here.

What do we offer you?

1) Lessons every day of the week

An amazing way to exercise in our beautiful yoga room or in front of the sea.

We make it easy for you to join the classes any day of the week, including our sunset yoga classes at the beach on Thursdays.

You will be in a group with people of the same level as you, so you can get the most out of yoga.

2) Physical preparation and a mix of yoga styles

The classes are led by the teacher Irene. She is always looking for perfection in the technique, focusing on the needs of her yogis so that they can see results both physically and spiritually.

Each class includes physical and breathing exercises, a little meditation and final relaxation, to work our bodies and minds, and finish with renewed energy.

You can choose from a more dynamic or a softer form of yoga on alternate days, adapting to the level of each group.

Dynamic hatha yoga (vinyasa):

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we work on strength as much as flexibility, flowing through a series of yoga postures and including joint mobility exercises.

From the sun salutations to standing and seated postures, inversions and balances we will have so much fun!

Yin yoga (restorative):

On Tuesday and Thursday we do a softer form of yoga, focusing on deep relaxation and stretching, but also some mobility and strength.

On Thursdays we meet at the beach for sunset, to enjoy the last rays of the sun.

*All styles of yoga are designed for beginners as well as for regular yoga practitioners. We encourage all those of you who have never done it to try it out, so that we can all enjoy the benefits of this popular discipline for our body, mind and spirit.