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An effective and fun way to exercise and forget about boring gyms.

  • Group sessions for all levels.
  • With the subscription of 15€ you will be able to attend 4 sessions per month.
  • Without permanence.
  • You decide the day you want to participate.

Coeo Workout

Any doubts?

1) "I have never done workout before" / "I haven't done sports for many years" Can I do workout?

Of course you can! Most of the people who do workout with us are just starting. At COEO we train to have fun and get fit at the same time. It's not a competition and everyone adapts to his/her level.

2) When do you train?

Training sessions are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

3) Do I have to reserve my spot for the session?

Yes. Once you are a member, every time you want to participate in a training, you have to reserve your place through the COEO Meetup group.

4) Are the trainings very demanding?

That depends on your level. Although it's normal to have some stiffness in the first week… don't worry, that means you're doing a good job.

5) Can I come and try a session and see if I like it?

Of course you can! You can come for a trial day and then decide if you want to become a member of the community, but remember: "you have to book your place through the COEO group on Meetup".

6) Can I pay for each session individually?

Yes, each session costs €5 for non-members.

7) What if I want more than 4 sessions per month?

No problem! Each additional session has a cost of 5€.

If you have more questions, you can write us a whatsapp or send us an email to the email