The idea of our running group is to have fun, meet new people, release energy, do sport and, of course, enjoy the good music that is made especially for each run.

Runners of all levels are welcome to join.

What do you need? Water, headphones, 'Soundcloud' app.

We start together and the idea is to finish together, however, if for some reason you can't continue, the group won't necessarily stop (in most cases).

What do we offer you?

1) Weekly running session

Generate adrenaline while you run. This is one of the best forms of cardio to tone the whole body. Start slowly and you'll see how you get further and further with time.

2) Get fit in a fun way

With great music sessions that were prepared for each run, you'll have much more fun than just running. In addition to giving you the mental push that is all you need to achieve everything you set out to do.

3) Peace of mind

The benefits of running are not only physical. Physical exercise itself generates endorphins that will make you feel better as well as help you clean your thoughts and clear your mind.