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Let's paddle surf

Our Paddle Surf

Paddle surfing is a sport that makes you addicted to it! 

Perfect when the sea is calm, and a lot of fun entertaining  with waves. It is definitely the most popular sport on the beaches of Malaga. 

Paddle surfing consists of standing on a board and gliding over the surface of the sea thanks to the impulse of the paddle and the waves.

What are you waiting for to try it?

With this subscription you can rent the boards or come to our sessions 4 times per month.

1) Renting with special price

If after using your 4 paddle surf sessions you want to take it more days, you can rent it for 5 € for the whole morning or afternoon (approximately 3 or 4 hours). Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance and check availability.

Group sessions

We will do several paddle surf sessions per week where the material will be included. Moreover, we will do group trips to enjoy the boards together and improve the technique of its use.

2) How long will it take me to learn to paddle surf?

Paddle surf is a very easy sport to get started in. You will probably be able to stand up on the board and move around on it from the first day. Then, little by little, you will improve your technique and you will even be able to start surfing small waves on it.

3) Activities in our Club

Because it's not all about paddle surf!

Dinners, parties, trips, mountain routes, yoga, camping, leisure plans, etc. Because COEO is much more than a sports club, it's a way of living and making friends, an incredible way to meet new people!