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Coeo Hiking

Discover and enjoy the nature!

  • Join our adventurous community.
  • Hikers of all levels.
  • New route every Sunday.
  • Camping, canyoning, ferrata and more. 
  • No permanence.

Any doubts?

1) What does my subscription include?

The subscription includes participation in a hiking route every Sunday.

2) Does it include transportation?

No, but for each route we create a Whatsapp group where participants help by sharing car and gas expenses. It is the best way to meet people and to make the trip more economical for everyone.

3) Are camping, barbecues or trips included in the subscription?

No, the subscription includes only the routes that we have on Sundays. Campings, barbecues and other events are extra activities for which COEO members will have discounts.

4) Can I go and try a route before subscribing?

Of course you can! You can go on a day ride with us and then decide if you like the atmosphere and want to become a member, you have to book your place through the COEO group on Meetup.

5) Can I pay individually the day I go on the route without subscribing?

Sure, each route has a price of 5 €.

If you have more questions, you can write us a whatsapp or send us an email to the email