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Coeo Beach Volley

Join the trendiest sport on the beach!

  • The largest Beach Volley community (+150 players).
  • Players of all levels.
  • Weekly matches.
  • No permanence.
  • Participate as much times as you want.

Any doubts?

1) I am a new player / It's been a while I am not playing. Can I join?

Of course you can! 90% of us who play volleyball started out the same way. At COEO we play for fun, not to compete and you will quickly learn the basics to be able to defend yourself playing with others.

2) When do we play?

We play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

3) Do I have to book my place to play?

Yes, once you subscribe, every time you want to participate you have to reserve your place through the COEO group on Meetup.

If you have more questions, you can write us a whatsapp or send us an email to

4) Can I play without subscribing?

Of course you can. Each beach volleyball meeting has a fee of 1€ you pay to one of the coordinators once you arrive at the beach.